Info For Vendors

Info For Vendors

Crafters, Food Vendors, Farm Equipment, Souvenirs

The hundreds of families and friends who attend the Ionia Farm Power Show enjoy browsing through the vendor booths. They seek out the unique hand-make creations, one-of-a-kind flea market finds, and of course, they’ll stop for lunch and a snack, too.

The Big Raffle

The Big Raffle


Jack Dolemar won the first-prize featured tractor this year — a 1954 T O 30 Ferguson. Second prize of $300 went to John Paepke, third prize of $200 to Dave Wilson, and third prize of $100 to Kate Hagen. The 5th prize was a toy tractor, won by M Copper. Each year, the Ionia Farm Power Club sells raffle tickets for great prizes.  

Entertainment, Too!


You can be a spectator or a participant.

Yes there’s free music, and dozens of other activities that everyone can watch throughout the weekend. But there are many that kids, adults, and families can join in, too! Pie-eating contests and auctions, tractor baseball, pedal tractor pulls, and lots more.

A Special Tribute

February 14, 2017 0

A special thank-you for donations and going above and beyond in 2017: • Joe  & Jan Kammers • Cliff Rowley • Tom Snyder • Larry Cobb • George Gregg • Gale & Glenda Wing • Tom Green

The Ionia Farm Power Club is a non-profit organization that is fully operated by volunteer members and generous contributors. There have been a few members and supporters who have now passed on. They were involved “above and beyond” and made this club, and this show, what it is today. We acknowledge those members here with our heartfelt thanks.
IN MEMORY OF ... Ken Schrauben • Dick Baker • Roy Munger • Bill Kneale • Dick Comer • Sandra Badder • Ellie Bishop

Something for Everyone