June 14, 15, 16 – 2019

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Browse the 100s of tractors and farm implements, displays and demonstrations.
Visit the vendors, dealers, and exhibitors around the grounds.
Enjoy the tractor pulls from garden-size to the big ones!
And if you’re hungry, grab a bite at one of the many concession stands.
And there are bits of entertainment scheduled throughout the weekend as well!

• The Sam Letts Memorial Working Truck Show

For info, contact:
Tim Letts – Phone: (616-902-9744) – Email: wbdriver1060@gmail.com

ATTENTION: There’s plenty of room for more exhibitors!
WANTED: Hit-N-Miss Engines, Antique Farm Trucks, Mini Steam Engines, Antique Gas engines, Antique Garden Tractors, GADGETS, GIZMOS, and CONTRAPTIONS! (Come on down and make the Show a SHOW! The chainsaw guy is getting lonely!)

(NOTE: The activities below are tentative, subject to change.)

DAILY ACTIVITIES for Friday, June 16

7-11 am…. Breakfast (4-H Food Booth)
9:00 am…. Opening Ceremonies
1:00 pm…. Tractor Games (covered arena)
3:00 pm…. Kids Pedal Pulls (covered arena)
4:00 pm…. Bike Give-away
5:00 pm…. Kids Garden Tractor Pull Weigh-in
6:00 pm…. Kids Garden Tractor Pulls
6:00 pm…. Tractor Parade thru Ionia
6:00 pm…. Mini horse pulling
7:00 pm…. Adults Garden Tractor Weigh-in
7-9 pm …. Entertainment (to be announced)
8:00 pm…. Adults Garden Tractor Pulls

LIVE MUSIC on Friday evening!

DAILY ACTIVITIES for Saturday, June 17

7-11 am…. Breakfast (4-H Food Booth)
8:00 am…. Dead Weight Tractor Pull Weigh-in
9:00 am…. Opening Ceremonies
9:00 am…. Tractor Softball (Grandstand)
10:00 am.. Kids Pedal Pulls (covered arena)
11:00 am.. Dead Weight Tractor Pulls
11:00 am.. Pie Entries Due, Judging
1:00 pm…. Pie Auction (Floral Bldg)
4:00 pm…. Bike Give-away
5:00 pm….Tractor Parade on Grounds
7-9 pm….. Entertainment (to be announced)

LIVE MUSIC on Saturday evening!

DAILY ACTIVITIES for Sunday, June 18
8:00 am…… Transfer Tractor Pull Weigh-in
9:00 am…… Opening Ceremonies
10:00 am…. Nondenominational Church Service
10:00 am…. Women’s Tractor Pulls (2 classes)
11:00 am…. Transfer Tractor Pulls
12:00 pm…. Tractor Raffle Drawing & Exhibitor Awards
(covered arena)
Bike Giveaway 12:30 pm following Tractor Raffle Drawing & Awards — Sign up at the information booth.
Information Booth on south end of Ionia Fair Grounds

Events & Times Subject to Change


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  • General Admission: $2.00 per person – Kids FREE with adult
  • Exhibitors: FREE entry (excludes camping)
  • Parking: FREE
  • Camping (click for more information): $25 per night (includes water and electricity)
    Register before May 31 and it’s only $20 per night!
  • Rustic Camping: $10.00 per night (click for more information)
  • Crafts/Vendors (click for more information): FREE (does not include camping)

(NOTE: Pricing and events are subject to change without notice. Any changes will be posted at the entry gate and on the website.)

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